The Clows

Derwin, Janet and Evan Clow from Freetown, PEI are the owner operators of Cassialane Holsteins, a progressive dairy farm that has been in the Clow family for generations.  Derwin took over the farm from his father Colbourne, who turned the farm into an award winning, nationally known dairy farm.

The Clows recently built a new dairy barn that incorporates technology and cow comfort into a modern design that allows the family to closely monitor the cows in their care.  The barn features seven cameras which allow the Clows to keep a close eye on their most valuable asset. An iPhone app allows Derwin to tune in to any one of the cameras at any time.  Cows are allowed to roam in the barn and they have also been outfitted with the latest technology that monitors movement and feed intake.

The PEI Veterinary Medical Association recently presented Derwin and Janet with the Cow Comfort Award which recognizes an individual or organization that has made a significant effort to maximize the comfort of the cattle they care for. With Evan being active and interested in the farm it looks like dairy farming will continue among the Clows in Freetown for some time. Milk from this progressive operation is shipped to ADL in Summerside.