Oceanbrae Farms originated in 1923 by John and Vera Barrett. The farm has passed down through the family and is now run by Fred Barrett and his son Matthew. Until his recent retirement, Fred’s father Keith was also a major part of the farm. The original 165 acre farm has grown to 600 acres and is located in Belmont Lot 16 on the beautiful Malpeque Bay, PEI.

The Barrett’s specialize in Milking Shorthorn dairy cattle and take much pride in their stock by showing their cattle locally and nationally, including at the National Milking Shorthorn Show in Ontario. They currently milk 45 Milking Shorthorns and 10 Jerseys. The Barrett’s did not want to limit themselves to one exclusive type of farming, so they also maintain a cow-calf herd including a herd of purebred Simmentals, bringing their total number of cattle to 200. The farm also grows corn, soybeans, mixed grain and forages and rent some land for potatoes which allows them to supply their own farm with hay silage and hay while also maintaining a 5 to 6 year crop rotation.