Member Profiles:


John, Ben, Michael and Matthew Ramsay

Jeff and Morgan Smallman

Matthew Dykerman

Phillip Jennings III and John MacSwain

Roger O’Neill 

Douglas and Ian Simmons

Chris Downey

George and Melaney Matheson

Martin and Katie Verhulst

Joel and Amy Van Gurp

Brian and Ben Morrison

Anthony Nabuurs

Frank Johnston

Mike Beamish

 Greg and Tania MacKenzie

Jonathan MacLennan

Jammy Guerette

Willem and Irma Vanderleeuw

Nathan and Wendy Burns

Charles, Wilhelmena, Randy and Francis Murphy 

Tom and Leslie Robinson

Ashley Wood

Patrick and Lisa Murray

Grant Doyle

Fred, Margaret and Matthew Barrett

Don and Michael Godfrey

Dale Hickox

John MacDonald

Peter and Jennifer Penny

Michael and Linda Doucette

John and Bill Somers

Leith and Midge Murray

Adam and Jennifer MacLeod

Brenda, Tyler, Dylan and Brett Howard

Will, Chelsey and Jacob Beattie

Barry Uytelinde

George, Steven and Norman Shaw

Andrew and Heidi Lawless

Blaine and Mary Anne Bertram

Garry and Gwen Renkema

Derwin, Janet and Evan Clow

Scott and Matthias Drake

Diane, April and Allan Balderston

Paul Gallant

Drew Jeffery

Linkletter Family

Garth Wilke

Chiel Middelcamp

David Mol

Charlie VanKampen

Justin and Laura Rogers

Dannie and Christine MacKinnon

Heart Beet Organics

Claude McCardle and Lynn MacDonald

Ronnie and Karen MacInnis

PEI Juice Works Ltd.