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February Member Profile – Joel and Amy Van Gurp – HERE


Membership Survey

The recent 76th Annual General Meeting was a great success on a number of fronts, but as always we would like to improve for next year. Please take a moment to complete this SURVEY to give us feedback, even if you did not attend, we’d like to know why and what might bring you out to the AGM in the future. Thanks! SURVEY


Egg board directors re-elected
Most of the Ontario egg marketing board directors are winning zone elections again this winter. MORE


2017 Prince Edward Island Potato Day

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Credit Union Place – Summerside, PEI

Please pre-register by February 10, 2017 by contacting 1-866-734-3276

Registration Fee: $20

Buffet Lunch will be held at Credit Union Place – Summerside, PEI MORE


PEI ALUS Program Reviewing Payment Rates

The Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) program is undertaking a review of payment rates paid to Island farmers/landowners.  Surveys have been mailed to all ALUS program clients for feedback.  In addition, a digital version of the survey has been created.  If you are a client of the ALUS program and haven’t completed your survey yet, you can do so by following the link below.  The survey will be available online until February 23.

The link can be found here:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ALUSclientsurvey3




AHDB Webinar to Focus on Meat Sectors’ Preparation to Quit EU

The outlook for the English beef, lamb and pork sectors as the UK prepares to quit the EU will be the focus of an AHDB webinar this month. MORE


USMEF Sees Strong Potential for Further Export Growth

Oscar Ferrara, PhD, joined the USMEF in early January as the organisation’s new regional director for Mexico, Central America and the Dominican Republic. MORE


Koreans Found to Consume More Foreign Beef

South Koreans consumed more American and other foreign beef than expensive local beef last year, a move that has lowered the country’s self-sufficiency rate for beef to below 40 per cent over 13 years, a state-run think tank said Thursday. MORE


What’s happening with eBEEF?

Since the last newsletter posted June 2016 the eBEEF team has been developing and posting additional factsheets and developing additional FAQ videos that will be uploaded soon. MORE


Nearly 4,000 pigs killed in barn fire in southwestern Ontario, police investigate

Nearly 4,000 pigs were killed when a fire destroyed a large barn in southwestern Ontario. MORE


Increase in Employed Workers in Swine Barns Prompts Changes in Extension

The Industry Development Specialist Swine with Manitoba Agriculture says the role of extension in swine production has changed in response to an increase in the ratio of employees to owners working in swine barns, writes Bruce Cochrane. MORE


Planned NAFTA Renegotiation Creates Uncertainty in Pork Markets

H@ms Marketing Services warns any disruption in US pork exports to Mexico as a result of the planned renegotiation of NAFTA, will negatively affect North American live hog markets, writes Bruce Cochrane. MORE


EU Pig Prices: Quotations Are Pointing Upwards

The ups and downs of pig prices seem to be characteristic of the European pig slaughter market at the beginning of this year, 2017. This current week of slaughter shows upward prices again. Many quotations are increasing, even if at various levels. MORE


Atlantic Stockyards Market Report – January 26 – HERE

*Scroll down to find current report

Ontario Cattlemen’s Association Market Report – Wednesday, February 1 HERE




What It All Means – Interpreting post-harvest test results

Seed certification is a quality control program that consists of a number of components intended to ensure that specified quality standards are met. One of the more important of these components is post-harvest testing. Post-harvest testing may consist of an off-season grow-out in the field or greenhouse, laboratory testing, or some combination of these. MORE



In the springtime shipping rush, the organizing, grading, shipping and occasional crisis managing that define seed potato sales can make even the most seasoned producer frustrated. MORE



Maintaining proper humidity in one’s bin or shed is a critical component of tuber storage. MORE



Managing Your Packaging Supply Chain

Two supply chains converge in potato packing facilities: a produce chain and a packaging chain. MORE


Field Peas show promise in Maine Potato Crop Rotation Research

In the search for a third rotation crop for potatoes, trials at the Aroostook Research Farm in Presque Isle are showing some promise for field peas, a crop that once had a successful run in the region until the 1970s. MORE


McCain to Close Stores in Scarborough, UK

McCain Foods has informed its employees of proposed changes to the dry and cold store operations at its Scarborough facility. MORE


Reducing Swiss Potato Waste

Worldwide about a third of all food gets lost before it reaches our stomachs. For Swiss potatoes this is even more – half of the total harvest. MORE


Vietnam potato industry will continue
The cliché of Asian agriculture is endless fields with rice. But there is literally and figuratively speaking room for the potato. MORE


AAFC / InfoHort Potato Reports HERE

USDA – Daily National Potato and Onion Report HERE




North American Grain/Oilseed Review: Canola Up With Soybeans

ICE Futures Canada canola contracts were up on Wednesday, seeing a correction after posting losses the previous five sessions. MORE


ICE Futures Canada Wednesday: Canola futures prices higher, barley unchanged



Federal forecast sees more oilseed acres, less in grains

Canadian farmers are expected to cut back the summerfallow allocation and put more acres in production this spring, planting more of those acres in oilseeds and fewer in grains and pulses. MORE


Phosphorus program aims to reduce Lake Erie nutrients

Henry Denotter’s farms near Kingsville, Ont. are close to the Wigle Creek, which flows into Lake Erie and takes with it any residues it pulls from nature and farmers’ fields. MORE


Corn/soy price ratio favours soybean acres, analyst says

Most underpinnings for higher corn, soybean and wheat prices appear to have fallen away — leaving biodiesel the only area that could drive higher prices. MORE


Soybeans rally on export demand, fund buying

U.S. soybean futures rose on Wednesday on commodity fund buying at the start of a new month along with fresh export demand, analysts said. MORE


Soy, corn expected to move steady to lower

Despite a divergence in the two markets on the week, Chicago Board of Trade soybeans and corn are expected to shift back into step, moving sideways to lower in short-term trade, one U.S. analyst says. MORE


Canola pointed lower

ICE Futures Canada canola contracts saw a bit of a corrective bounce on Wednesday but their overall trend remains pointed lower, with the winter highs possibly in for now, according to an analyst. MORE


AM markets: will ‘whexit’ spur another wheat price surge? HERE

PEI Grain Elevator Prices – HERE

Grain Farmers of Ontario – Daily Commodity Report HERE

More Futures Prices HERE and HERE


General Interest


Meet in the boardroom

Change Makers: A two-pronged plan helped Stokes Seeds grow its business, despite strong personalities within the family MORE


7 steps to better business

Learning how to adapt boardroom strategies to the farm could earn you the best of both worlds MORE


How to evaluate a diesel engine

Knowing what to check 
will give a good indication of an 
engine’s overall condition. MORE


Big data and agriculture markets: Part 3

Options-based strategies can help get more out of a chaotic market filled with randomness and unpredictability MORE


Women lead battle to save Senegal’s shrinking farmland

Female-led work is vital to rural communities in Senegal — now women are organizing 
to lead the fight against multinational agribusiness MORE


tna Celebrates 35 Years

tna, a leading supplier of food processing and packaging solutions, celebrates 35 years of developing food equipment solutions on the market. MORE


Regular Updates


Rayglen Market Comments – February 1 HERE

FCC Express – January 27 HERE

Weekly PEI Agriculture Market Reports – January 27 HERE

Ontario Farm Market Summary – Wednesday, February 1 HERE

AgWeather Atlantic HERE

Today’s Local Weather – HERE


Meetings and Events


In-Person Consumer Consultations on Food Labelling Modernization

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Health Canada want to hear from everyday consumers like you.

We are holding in-person discussions to get your perspective on proposals to modernize food labelling in Canada and would like to talk about:

  • Labelling information that is important to you
  • Proposed improvements to food label information and legibility, and;
  • Enhancements to the ways consumers get information on label claims or statements

There is no cost to register. Participants are expected to cover their own travel costs to attend. Prior knowledge of food labelling is not required.

In-person consumer sessions will be held in the following cities:

Atlantic Provinces

  • St-John’s, NL February 3, 2017 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (English)



Those who register for both events will receive a 15% discount.

Bridging the Gap: Succession & Transition Planning Workshop for Farm Families!

February 9th and 10th

Glengarry Hotel – Truro, Nova Scotia

Register HERE

Innovate for Value Chain Management

February 10th and 11th

Dalhousie Agricultural Campus – Bible Hill, Nova Scotia

Register HERE


Atlantic 4R Nutrient Stewardship Training

Fertilizer Canada’s Nutrient Stewardship training courses help you understand the economic, social, and environmental advantages of 4R practices and how these can be implemented on Canadian farms.

-Free Training

-Participants will receive certification after course completion

-Lunch Provided

**Note: Only the first 30 participants to RSVP will be accepted

-Please send your RSVP to: nfrost@fertilizercanada.ca or call (613)-786-3032

February 22, 2017 – 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Westmorland Room, Crowne Plaza 1005 Main St, Moncton, NB


Atlantic Farm Women Conference

April 28 & 29 at the Delta Halifax, N.S.

Register before March 31 registration fee is $90 plus you will be entered to win your conference registration free. After March 31, registration will be $115.

To register: http://atlanticfarmwomen.weebly.com/-registration.html

Agenda on line: http://atlanticfarmwomen.weebly.com/agenda.html


Attention: Class A Pesticide Applicator Certificate Holders

To renew your pesticide applicator certificate there are three options available for you:

First Option:        Renewal of your certificate by receiving Continuing Education Credits.
Second Option:    Take a one day training course & write the two hour exam.
Third Option:       Make an appointment to come in and  write the two hour exam.

First Option:
The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries will be offering two different training days
Day A and Day B.  You are required to attend one Day A and one Day B over the five year re-certification period.  Only one day per calendar year can be credited.

Day A – Topics covered: General Information, Regulations, Environmental Safety, and Application                Technology.
Day B – Topics covered: Emergency Response, Labeling, Professionalism, Traceability, Integrated Pest Management, and Human Health and Safety.

Your current Pesticide Applicator Certificate will remain valid until the expiry date printed on your certificate.  New Class A certificates will now all have an expiry date of March 31.  The fee payable for a new 5-year certificate is $75.

When you have met the requirements to renew your license, you will be mailed an application form for renewal of your Pesticide Applicator Certificate. Should you fail to attend both of these training sessions prior to the expiry date on your current Certificate, you will need to successfully complete the written examination to obtain a new certificate.

The 2017 training schedule is as follows:

Day A:
February 21, 2017      Lane’s Riverhouse Inn, Montague

March 14, 2017          Rodd Royalty, TCH Charlottetown

Day B:
February 22,2017        Lanes Riverhouse Inn, Montague
March 16, 2017           Rodd Royalty, TCH, Charlottetown

Registration begins at 8:15 a.m.  All information sessions begin at 9:00 a.m. and will be completed by 4:00 p.m.  Lunch and refreshments will be provided, and there is a
$ 25. fee to offset this cost.
To register for one of these training days please call (902) 368-4154.
Should you have questions or require additional detail, please do not hesitate to contact Shelley Ployer at (902) 368-4154 or via e-mail at  seployer@gov.pe.ca

Second Option:
You can also renew your license by attending a one day training course and writing the exam at the end of the day (there is no cost to attend this course).  This training course is designed to refresh your memory and prepare you for writing the exam. It DOES NOT provide you with any certification days.  There is no cost to write the exam.  The cost for a 5 year Pesticide Applicator Certificate is $75.

The 2017 training schedule for the one day course followed by writing the exam is as follows:

February 22, 2017   Loyalist Inn, Summerside March 15, 2017    Rodd Royalty, TCH, Charlottetown
Registration begins at 8:15 a.m.  Training sessions begin at 8:45 a.m. and are completed by 3:30 p.m.   The exam will be from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

To register for one of these training days please call (902) 368-4154.

Third Option:
You can make an appointment to write the two hour exam by calling Debbie MacRae at
(902) 368-5024 or Thane Clarke at (902) 368-5599 at the Department of Communities, Land and Environment in Charlottetown. The cost is the same, $75.