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Meet the farmer who wants to turn northern agriculture on its head

With the cold winters and short summers, farming in Northern Ontario can be a challenge. MORE


California dreaming?: How climate change could remake B.C.’s agricultural industry

Can you imagine fresh avocado — from the Okanagan? MORE


2016 Census of Agriculture: Farmers are adapting to evolving markets

Canadian agricultural operations incurred an average of 83 cents in operating expenses per dollar in gross farm receipts in 2015. This amount was unchanged from 2010. MORE


The sustainability conundrum

The food giants want it on their labels, and in the annual reports and other information they send to their investors. PepsiCo, Walmart, General Mills, McDonald’s, Unilever, Sara Lee and Nestlé are among those citing the years 2020 or 2025 as targets for achieving their goals of buying “sustainably sourced” products. MORE


Summer Employment Opportunity with PEI COPC

Beginning July 04, 2017 and continuing for 8 weeks.

Summer Program Assistant

The summer program assistant will work directly with the PEI COPC Research Coordinator and under the

guidance of the organization’s board of directors. MORE


Selection Process for Farm Products Council of Canada

On February 25, 2016, the Prime Minister announced a new process for Governor in Council appointments. This new process supports an open, transparent, and merit-based selection process focused on identifying high-quality candidates who demonstrate Canada’s diversity.

This process will be used to select new members for the Farm Products Council of Canada. I am writing to you to seek your assistance in promoting this selection process.

The candidates we are looking for must have experience as a primary producer, in agribusiness, in the agri-food industry, or in food distribution or retail. Candidates should also have experience in decision making with respect to sensitive and complex issues, experience in maintaining effective relationships with multiple stakeholders and balancing their interests and divergent views, and an understanding of the Canadian supply management system for poultry and eggs.

I encourage you to inform your members of this opportunity and invite interested candidates to apply for a member position at the following website: HERE


Advance Payments Program through the PEI Federation of Agriculture

Eligible producers will are now able to apply for the 2017 Advance Payments Program through the PEI Federation of Agriculture.

Federation Members will continue to receive a preferred rate on Administrative Fees. This is available for farmers who have paid their dues in 2017 or those that were members as of December 31, 2016.

For more information on the program, please contact Andrew Wood or Tim Seeber at 902-368-7289.


Environmental Farm Plan Renewals

The Enhanced Environmental Farm Plan Program sent out renewal letters in early 2017 to notify producers that their environmental farms plans would be expiring at the end of the year. If you are a producer who has not yet contacted the office to have your plan updated please call Matt or JoAnn at 902-368-7289.

EFP’s are valid for 5 years and we encourage all farmers to participate in the program. Participation in the program also allows you to apply for funding through the Growing Forward 2 Agriculture Stewardship Program, Farmland Finance Program and the Future Farmer Program. For your convenience the EFP can be completed at your farm or at the PEI Federation of Agricultural office and takes approximately 1.5 hrs to complete. EFP’s are no cost to the producer.

If you feel your EFP may be expired and you have not yet been contacted please call the office and we will check the status of your last plan. Further information on the Enhanced Environmental Farm Plan Program can be found on the PEI Federation of Agriculture webpage www.peifa.ca/efp/




Expanded mandate means higher cost for VBP Plus audits

The Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP Plus) program will come with a higher price tag during its second year in Manitoba, but providers say the jump is needed to keep the program cost neutral. MORE


U.S. beef speeds to China by air as ban ends

The first shipment of U.S. beef to China under a new trade deal went airborne on Wednesday, a Nebraska meat company said, just two days after Washington finalized details to resume exports, ending a 14-year ban. MORE


CME live cattle tumble limit down

Chicago Mercantile Exchange live cattle nearby contracts on Wednesday finished down their three cents/lb. daily price limit, hit by fund liquidation and lower preliminary cash prices, said traders. MORE


Placements of Cattle on Feed During Jan-March in Q1 Higher Than a Year Ago

Placements of cattle on feed during three of the first four months of this this year have been above the same months in 2016, reports Steiner Consulting Group, DLR Division, Inc. MORE


Imports of US Beef to Recommence Soon

China plans to resume US beef imports, which were halted in 2003, in a move to boost economic ties and further balance the trade surplus with the United States. MORE


World Pork Expo: PIC Advances Swine Nutrition with Manual, New Tools

At PIC, they are providing genetics as well as the technical expertise to producers to help realize the genetic potential at the slat level. One of those areas of technical expertise that PIC invested in during the last year is nutrition, reports Sarah Mikesell live from World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. MORE


South Preparing for Holiday Season

The European slaughter pig market continues to be well-balanced this week. Almost all quotations tend to remain constant and steady. The Spanish quotation went up slightly, while the British quotation – which has been corrected to the ISN standard – gave in a little because of fluctuations in the exchange rate. MORE


Atlantic Stockyards Market Report – June 8 – HERE

*Scroll down to find current report

Ontario Cattlemen’s Association Market Report – Wednesday, June 14 HERE




Boise State University Develop Sensor for Potato Rot

Boise State University researchers Harish Subbaraman, David Estrada and Yantian Hou hope to change the fact that roughly 30% of the potatoes harvested in Idaho spoil before they reach a grocery store shelf. MORE


Research proves ideal transport conditions for potatoes

In the export of potatoes, there are many different ways to of setting up reefer containers, and each expert has his own vision. But only a few wonder why a certain set-up is chosen. MORE


No-Till Potato Planting

Ever wonder what no-till potato planting looks like? MORE


Three musketeers (3Ms) invest in potato grading and sorting line

With six farms as shareholders of 3Ms (Three Musketeers) operating more than 34,000 acres, they have contracted Haith, Tomra and Dijkstra to put in a new state-of-the-art potato grading and sorting line at their site at Bentwaters, near Woodbridge, Suffolk. A brand new building for this has been constructed also. MORE


Potential Survival of Potato Volunteers in Michigan

The Potato Volunteer Survival website is now estimating potential survival of potato volunteers in Michigan in 2017. Epidemics of potato late blight are initiated from mycelium of Phytophthora infestans, which survives between successive growing seasons by overwintering in infected potato tubers intended for seed, or as volunteer tubers left in fields at harvest or within discarded cull and rock piles. MORE


AAFC / InfoHort Potato Reports HERE

USDA – Daily National Potato and Onion Report HERE




North American Grains/Oilseed Review: Canola dips with weather, currency issues

ICE Futures Canada canola contracts finished lower on Wednesday, due to weather issues and strength in the Canadian currency. MORE


ICE Futures Canada Wednesday: Canola futures prices lower, barley unchanged HERE


Canola looks to stay below $500

ICE Futures Canada canola contracts are facing some bearish weather conditions as more rain is expected to fall across parched regions of the Prairies. MORE


Dow’s Enlist corn cleared for Canada

Corn growers in Canada can begin ordering Dow AgroSciences’ genetically modified Enlist corn later this summer, now that China will allow imports of grain grown from corn with the Enlist trait. MORE


MGEX spring wheat eases on rains

U.S. grain and soy futures were mostly lower on Wednesday, with MGEX spring wheat declining from an earlier 2-1/2-year high on pressure from technical selling and forecasts for crop-friendly rainfall, traders and analysts said. MORE


Weather watching trade in summertime

Corn and soybean futures at the Chicago Board of Trade are hanging in a seasonal weather-based market, with traders watching crop conditions week-to-week. MORE


DeRuycks keep rolling with organic cleaning and milling

Dan and Fran DeRuyck’s organic grain-cleaning plant is one of the first things a visitor sees when they arrive at Top of the Hill Farm, south of Treherne, Man. MORE


China approves two new GMO varieties for import, renews 14

China approved two new varieties of genetically modified (GMO) crops for import from Monday, after the world’s top buyer of GMO soybeans pledged to speed up a review of biotech products as part of a recent trade deal with the U.S. MORE


AM markets: cotton futures dip, amid fears of a ‘break down’ HERE

PEI Grain Elevator Prices – HERE

Grain Farmers of Ontario – Daily Commodity Report HERE

More Futures Prices HERE and HERE


General Interest


The John Deere ‘spoker’ Model D tractor

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum has a number of John Deere Model D tractors in its collection ranging from a “spoker” Model D to late-model-styled Ds. MORE


Seven new product reveals from John Deere

In early June John Deere invited members of the farm media to its Harvester Works facility in Moline, Illinois, to see the full line of equipment it was introducing in 2017. And all of it was parked on the lawn in front of that combine manufacturing facility for reporters to photograph and learn about from product reps. MORE


Regular Updates


Weekly PEI Agriculture Market Reports – June 9 HERE

Rayglen Market Comments – June 14 HERE

Ontario Farm Market Summary – Monday, June 14 HERE

AgWeather Atlantic HERE

Today’s Local Weather – HERE


Meetings and Events


Let’s Celebrate Fries with the Works!

As Islanders, we know that Fries with the Works is a legendary local dish featuring PEI French Fries.  However, when you talk to Islanders about Fries With The Works, or when you see them listed on a local menu, there can be many variations in ingredients! As a result, the PEI Potato Board is launching a survey to ask Islanders “just what IS Fries With The Works” to you?

“There’s no tastier way to enjoy PEI Fries when on the Island than eating them with the “works,” but we want to know exactly what ‘the works’ is” says Rodney Dingwell, PEI potato farmer and chairman of the PEI Potato Board.

Have your say! Tell us what how you eat your Fries with the Works by going online and filling out a survey, with a chance to win a $100 grocery gift card.

“If a tourist came to PEI and asked what Fries With The Works is, Islanders have a clear answer as to what ‘works’ go on our world famous fries, as well as knowing if there’s a ‘classic’ version, says Greg Donald, General Manager of the PEI Potato Board.

Visit the website http://www.frieswiththeworks.ca. Survey closes June 20, 2017.


PEI COPC Organic Farm Tour
PEI COPC will be hosting a one day organic farm tour on Wednesday, July 6th from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m..
Local media, social media guests, COPC staff, PEIDAF Minister and Deputy will be attending the tour of five COPC member farms, including: Dexter Cattle Company, Square One Organics, Red Soil Organics, Heartbeet Organics, and Schurman Family Farm.

Transportation and lunch are provided.

Seats are limited and tickets will be on sale beginning next week ($25 each or $20 for COPC members).

Contact Karen at email@organicpei.com  or 902-894-9999 for more information.


3A Airbrakes Test Facilitation

From field to road…do you have employees that drive your trucks, but don’t have their licenses?

We are looking for experienced drivers that would like to obtain their Airbrakes and Class 3A license.

The PEI Agriculture Sector Council will be facilitating these two courses through JVI and Access.

This project will be processed through the Canada Job Grant and Skills PEI.

Draft Schedule:

Day 1- Airbrake theory

Day 2- Review of Airbrakes and Airbrake test (written on site), Preform a pre-use inspection

Day 3- Driving and Testing for Class 3A (time scheduled test on site)

Day 4- Driving and Testing for Class 3A (time scheduled test on site)

Requirements- must have valid truck driving experience, but not licensed & Medical completed and returned

Lunch will be provided

For more details on registration requirements, contact Laurie at 892-1091.

Registration is now open, limited seating available. To sign up, contact the PEI Agriculture Sector Council at 892-1091 or e-mail info@peiagsc.ca


Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative

The Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative has been approved for a 2 year period.  Applications will be accepted starting April 26, 2017.

The program is designed to hire youth aged 15 to 30 for internships of up to 12 months.  It will be of interest to producers and organizations working in the agriculture industry and interested in implementing agriculture projects that are environmentally beneficial.

Producers operating a farm or ranch can hire a young person to implement an environmentally beneficial project in their operation.

Agricultural organizations, such as watershed groups and companies providing environmentally beneficial services can access the program to support an environmentally beneficial project their organization is implementing. Research organizations can receive funding to support their agricultural research that benefits the environment.

For an application form and more details on the program, please visit: Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative