Mark MacEwen, Gary Linkletter, Mark Linkletter, James Marchbank, Dale Linkletter


Linkletter Farms is a family owned farm located just outside the boundaries of Summerside, PEI. The farm grows about 1500 acres of potatoes each year, with a split between processing, chipstock, and fresh market potatoes.

The Linkletter family dates its history on PEI back to 1783 when George Linkletter made his way to the Island and was given land by the King of England.  As time went on the family became heavily involved in farming and by the 1940’s they began specializing in potatoes. Today’s management of the farm is now third and forth generation farmers and each play an active role in the management of the operation.

The Linkletters practice careful soil management and fertility and has always placed an emphasis on growing high quality potatoes in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.

The current owners of the farm are Gary and Diana Linkletter, Dale and Iris Linkletter, James and Connie Marchbank, Mark and Katherine Linkletter, Mark and Melanie McEwen, and Tim and Amanda Linkletter.