Paul Gallant from Souris West has been successfully growing blueberries for over 33 years.  PEI has about 130 blueberry growers who produce between 10-14 million pounds per year and Paul currently grows about 40 acres and is the only blueberry grower on PEI to use irrigation on his crop.

Blueberries are a two-year crop with one year growing vegetation and the next year they turn to fruit buds, flowers and eventually berries the next season. Paul Gallant is proud to produce what is often known as the “antioxidant superfruit”.  A 2004 study ranked wild blueberries as the number one anti-oxidant fruit over 35 other fruits, with 48% more antioxidants than the cultivated (farmed) berry. Anti-oxidants fight free radicals in the body, which help build your immunity.

Paul Gallant is also quick to point out that wild blueberries are an excellent crop that contributes much to the PEI economy and with minimal impact on the environment.