Safety Tips for Farm Equipment on Island Roads


  • Farmers need to ensure that any equipment moving slower then 40kms/hr is equipped with a slow moving vehicle sign. The PEIFA has a few SMV signs left, feel free to stop in and pick some up- 2 per farm, free for members $20 for non-members.
  • Proper lighting needs to be used ½ hour before sunset and onward throughout the night to ensure wagons and other equipment are visible to motorists.
  • Over width farm equipment should be marked with flags and signs, in the evening flashing amber lights are required. Extreme oversized vehicles should have an escort.
  • Older equipment that may not have proper lighting can be equipped by purchasing battery powered lights. These can be purchased at Princess Auto or Parts for Trucks.
  • When turning into fields and side roads where visibility is poor or when traffic is moving quickly such as on the highway, the use of an escort vehicle should be used to help motorists know to slow down to allow you to get into your field safely.
  • Maximum equipment width is 2.8 meters and length is 23 meters.
  • Try to avoid traffic build up behind you. When possible pull over into a safe area to allow traffic to pass.
  • Always ensure that rear facing white lights are shut off when travelling on roads to avoid confusing oncoming traffic.
  • Please make sure all loads are properly secure, and that they are being hauled by a truck/tractor that can withstand the weight.


For any questions or concerns please contact the PEIFA office or the Dept of Highway Safety.