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 Over the past few years many Island farms have been taking advantage of using foreign workers during their busy months, and in some cases year round. The PEIFA thought it would be a good idea to come up with a way to offer these workers some basic training in a language that they understand to ensure that they comprehend some basic farm safety before they begin their jobs. This video will help farm owners offer training to their employees, and they can rest assured that the information is being taken in and understood, and will hopefully take out some of the guess work for everyone involved.

The video is 15 minutes in length, and covers 7 topics related to job safety which were chosen based upon need and importance. Topics include Personal protective equipment, chemical handling, machinery hazards, forklift safety, knife safety, sun safety, and animal safety.

The video has been produced in 3 languages, English, Spanish, and Mandarin. Although the video was developed with foreign workers in mind, it is also a great resource for anyone to use when hiring new employees who may need some basic farm safety information before they begin work. The video was filmed here in Prince Edward Island and features foreign workers from China, Mexico, and Columbia.

The video can be viewed via the YouTube link below or DVD copies can be picked up at the Federation office.

Safety signage has also been produced in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Punjabi, and Mandarin. Please use the link below to access downloadable signage.

Foreign Worker Safety Training Video – English

Foreign Worker Safety Training Video – Chinese

Foreign Worker Safety Training Video – Spanish

View Foreign Worker Safety Signage


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