Island Farmers Deserve Better

For almost 20 years Island farmers have been singled out and banned from applying for the use of water for their crops. All other industries, municipalities and businesses are permitted to submit applications to access water by drilling wells and science is used to assess these application before approval is granted. Farmers have been denied the right to make application and have their application assessed in the same manner.

This has caused extreme hardships and losses for our local family farms; the people we say we value as an important part of who we are as an Island.

This situation is dire, with many farms unsure that they can continue without water for their crops.

You can help by expressing your support for Island farmers to our elected officials. The ask is not for special treatment, simply for the same opportunity as all other Island businesses.

How you can help!

Make a Call

We have heard officials say they haven’t heard about this from their constituents, we need to change that. The most effective way to do this is to call your local MLA, the Premier and the Minister of Agriculture. You may also wish to call the Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the 3rd party who are also a part of these conversations. 

Send an Email

Once you make a call, or if that’s not your preference, you can also write an email expressing your concern for Island farmers and support for farmers to have access to water for the food they grow!  A letter can reach as many people as you wish, so can be a great way to spread you support. We’ve provided a sample letter here, which you can add to, change or simply copy and paste. We suggest you address this to the Premier and copy all the relevant people listed below. 

Dear Mr. Premier,

I am writing to express my support for our Island farmers to have equal access to water for the 2021 growing season. I recognize and support the need for water to be managed and regulated. But what I do not support is that one group, one important group to our Island way of life, is be singled out and denied the same opportunity as all other businesses.

This unfair treatment has been in place for almost 20 years and Island farmers are in dire circumstances. This needs to be addressed now and a solution be put in place for the next growing season.

I look forward to hearing from you and other members of the legislative assembly on how you will support our Island farmers regarding this important issue for the 2021 season.


How to Reach them? 

This is an all-party issue, so we recommend your message go to the following people, in addition to your local MLA.  We have made it easy to simply copy and paste the following emails. 

Premier Dennis King

Minister Bloyce Thompson

Minister Natalie Jameson

Hon. Peter Bevan-Baker

Leader of the Opposition


Hon. Sonny Gallant

Leader of the Third Party


Your local MLA can be found here: 

We also ask that you copy us on your email, so we can see the support growing!  info@peifa.

Spread the word!

Please share your message on social media and tag us as well as our elected officials. We ask that you encourage your friends and followers to do the same! 

Island farmers work hard for us all year round to grow our food and contribute to our Island way of life. Let’s show them our support and thanks for their efforts!