Massage Therapy and the Farmer: The Benefits to Self Care

Presenter: Shawn Foubert, Registered Massage Therapist

Intended Audience: Farmer, ag workers, ag business employees, Safety professionals, educators, and students.

Farming and stress seem to go hand in hand, and it is common for farmers to adopt a stoic “Git’er done” attitude and power through the aches and pains this profession heaps on you. Stress is #1 on the list of ailments that plague farmers, so let this webinar series give you new coping skills so you can begin to de-stress yourself.

Building a Sustainable Farmer webinar topic Massage Therapy and the Farmer: The Benefits to Self Care, is designed for farmers. This webinar will show you how massage has evolved over time and is now accepted as a viable method of treatment for a variety of physical and mental ailments. Shawn will help you understand how pain levels, chronic pain and injury can manifest itself in other parts of the body and how massage helps speed up the healing process. He will show participants how important it is to maintain ones body. Much like tractor maintenance, body maintenance is especially important if farmers are going to successfully work long, physical hours. Massage can assist in treatment of chronic pain, discomfort & anxiety and Shawn can help you understand how your body got to this stage. A practitioner and an educator, Shawn will help debunk concerns or myths surrounding massage and help you see it as an important tool in your health care regime.

Learning objectives

  1. Participants will learn how massage can have a positive impact on their mental health and well being by understanding the origin of pain centers.
  2. Participants will learn how massage helps stress issues before they become a physical issue.
  3. Participants will learn how massage works in conjunction with your medical provider to help you heal.

For more information on a Registered Massage Therapist in you area check out the PEI Massage Therapy Association website

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