Provide Important Feedback for the Advance Payment Program (Cash Advance)

Seeking Producer Feedback: MNP has been engaged by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) to assist them with a review of the Agricultural Marketing Programs Act (AMPA), in particular the Advance Payment Program (APP) commonly known as the “Cash Advance Program”. The program is intended to make sure that the producers have timely and broad access to credit, thereby reducing participants’ need to make operating and marketing decisions based solely on the need for working capital/cashflow. MNP wants to hear from both producers that have and have not participated in the program.

Below is the link to an online producer survey that will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.  Your responses to the questionnaire are confidential to MNP and no information will be released from MNP that will identify individual producer responses. The information may be used in aggregate for analysis and reporting purposes without any producer identification attached. Thank-you in advance for your important participation. The survey will be live until end of day December 5th.

Click here for the English survey

Click here for the French survey