Study Examines PEIFA Farmer Assistance program

Provision of Social Support Services to Farmers aand Rural Communities in Canada

Tara Inglis-Rheinberger, a researcher with the Australian Department of Agriculture visited PEI in 2013 as part of her research into the provision of social support services to farmers and rural communities in Canada. The research was designed to provide the Australian government with potential options for support services in their country. The study followed a particularly stressful time on Australian farms following the droughts and, with the similarities between Australian and Canadian agriculture, the Canadian system was looked at as a model for implementation into Canada.  As part of the study Ms. Inglis-Rheinberger examined the PEIFA’s Farmer Assistance Program and noted that there is no such program like it in Canada.  To see the report and read the complementary comments on the PEI program click HERE.