Youth in Agriculture

Island farms are family farms and that means youth are part and parcel of the business. Keeping them safe and fostering an interest in farming starts at an early age and this page is dedicated to providing information for the youth in our community. Please keep returning to this site as more information will be added as it becomes available. If you know of a site or resource that could be an agricultural benefit to our community, please email Crystal Fullerton or call at 902-368-7289.

Online Farm Youth Sites

Creative Pages for School Age Children

Scholarship and Grant Opportunities for Agriculture- it is estimated that as much as $10 Million dollars in scholarships/bursaries/prizes is unclaimed each year. This is not a comprehensive list but is a start to help Island youth with agriculture education in their future plans

Agricultural Universities and Colleges – Farming is THE most diverse sector in the world. So many right ways to farm and so many opportunities for people looking to make a career.