about us

We are a Non-profit, democratic organization of Island farmers working together for the betterment of primary producers. The organization speaks to issues that are not commodity-specific but affect all Island farmers. We are the largest general agricultural organization in P.E.I. with a membership of over 80% of all registered producers, drawn from all commodities.

The Board of Directors of the Federation is comprised of one representative from each of the commodity and agriculture organizations. The Federation also elects to the Board two farmers from each county who are non-organizational representatives. The Federation board tackles policy issues that impact the competitive and sustainable nature of the industry and takes an active role in advancing the needs of PEI’s agricultural community at the local, regional and national levels.

The Federation has a trained and competent staff that is dedicated to offer our members services that help them be competitive in today’s tough economic climat

What We Do

Along with reviewing all legislative and regulatory issues that impact the competitiveness and sustainability of the agricultural sector, the Federation actively lobbies for changes to existing, legislation, regulation and public policy to reflect the progress and dynamics of the industry. In addition, the Federation continually develops and delivers programs and services to meet the needs of the farm community.

Our Mandate

The Federation stands for policies/programs which it views as ‘pro’ family farm and has generally opposed any change to policy or programming that it perceives as being a threat to the viability of the family farm unit. Major issues of concern include: land ownership limits, environment, transportation, farm finance, farm safety, training and technology and Safety Nets and service delivery.

The P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture believes that all farmers have an equal voice regardless of the size of their holdings. It exists to help improve the sustainability of Island Farmers and farm families.

Strategic Plan

The Federation of Agriculture is here for its members, their issues, their needs and the industry across the Island.  To ensure we are moving forward to achieve results, in 2018 the Board of Directors approved a strategic plan that builds on previous work and looks to future of the industry and the Island.   

This plan includes five main strategies:

  1. Gathering Strategic Information
  2. Enhancing Sustainability
  3. Improving Strategic Skillsets of Producers
  4. Advocacy
  5. Improving Organizational Effectiveness 

The actions and directions of the Federation will continue to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.