According to the UPEI Climatology Lab, Prince Edward Island is warming, its precipitation patterns are shifting and extreme weather events are becoming a regular occurrence.   Run-off events, fish kills and the loss of topsoil are critical issues that are happening every year, and the current funding programs in place to help meet these challenges are underfunded or poorly targeted.  Some farms are losing financially as a result and some farms have ended up facing the Courts.  

The PEIFA has recently partnered with the PEI Water Alliance to form the Agri-Watershed Partnership.  This working group has been given funding with the goals of: mitigating or eliminating land-use related fish kills, keeping soil in the field and developing an industry standard for crop production that focuses on the two aforementioned goals.  The Government has recognized the challenges we face and this Committee will help identify priority areas this year and look for ways to improve these fields in a positive manner. In addition, this type of initiative will help recreate the funding programs currently available to the farming community to help make us more adaptive to climate change and more sustainable overall.


The PEIFA is working for the agriculture industry as it faces the challenges of becoming more adaptive to climate change and more sustainable overall.  Further, the PEIFA believes there is need to improve the funding streams available to the farming community and are working on ensuring a collective approach is taken in conjunction with watersheds on PEI.  The PEIFA believes this approach makes much more sense than prolonged and costly court battles where precious government and farm resources are put to poor use.